Reviewing Adult Pleasure

How did I got into sex toys industry? I have been involved in adult industry for over 15 years now. Mostly in the production and marketing side of the industry. In the past I would organise events where companies would promote their sex toys. Everything from beginnings of fleshlight or as they called it #deviceforspermcollection to penis pumps and leather clothing. I’ve seen it all. the reason why I want to start this blog is to talk about the topics I know and understand and enjoy working in. Also, from practical perspective I tested more sex toys with my sexual partners then I can count. I used to throw the old sex toys where the waste was reaching full bin. Most of the toys I would recessive as a gift but some of them I would buy myself because I was looking for top tear sex toys and it was not free.

After years of doing this by default and volume of toys I was more and more interested in compering the toys to the others brands. Now I would like to push this knowledge to blog format and talk about sex. Because I think more comfortable people are with their sexuality the more confident and better people are in life. Blog is free and will be for couple of years as long as people will be visiting it.

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